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poetry's Journal

11th August, 2008. 6:29 pm. So...you think you can write?(firstredmoon)

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3rd July, 2008. 10:03 am. whistling sexy (july 2, 2008)(mickeylimon)

so whistling is sexy
dire ocean, dire sea
calmly careening
island by island
beach by beach
so whistling is sexy ...
when you do

so words unspoken are true
like the wind, like the sand
underneath our almost bound feet
struggling for thoughts
that the body give away
so easily, so enchantingly
words almost uttered
but then again they were never heard
yet so true, its so true

so the tree, so the rock
he climbed, he trudged
funny, clumsily, and uncanny
like me lying half naked
and you whistling sexy ...
at me
under the scorching march sun
friends, rocks and the boat men
all gone, all done
just you and i
left behind ...


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26th June, 2008. 1:04 pm.(april_fan)

Here's a great summer read for teenage girls - I read first it in seventh grade and loved it; now I'm entering college and I still think it's brilliant. Everything is written in free verse, with beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended.

(The video is only a minute long; make sure to turn up the sound.)

Happy reading!

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2nd March, 2007. 10:48 pm.(virgomoonbeams)

January twenty-first/twenty-second

        Movements spark the life
                               inside of me.
Sounds invoke the words.
        Silence is one of these.
So is that of people welcoming.
        The lazy hum of sunlight
     The wind that captures
             swings of leaves
             swims of leaves.
     Courteous things.
 Softly rung.
     Bells of acres
     wheat upstood
    magicworks to cure the blood.
        All of these are simple.
    Walking through it all
    Walking on
             in steps that brush
The subtle skate of ink across the paper
        the darkest blush.
Small strokes of lightning
       Bright love
that never fades
  yet remains Those that never fade
         to passing.


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21st February, 2007. 10:46 am. the coming of age (february 20, 2007)(mickeylimon)


the will to be forcible
for you to see me against tides
of unwanted imagery
against unexplained comedy
of you here lying motionless
touching the skin at my back

the risks already undertaken
from the moment you smelled my hair
till your arms playfully linger on my bare hip
then in unison
looking thru the frosty window
listening to the rain pouring madly at the roof
whispering carelessly to remember
long forgotten memories taken in innocence together

the bliss left under the sheets
with you holding me closely
against your bare chest
overpowering me with your able shoulders
trapped endlessly
wanting blissfully
to be here forever
without turning back
to our lives lived in secrecy


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20th February, 2007. 9:48 am. are you (January 13, 2002)(mickeylimon)


so are you just gonna stand there
like yesterday
just lingering there feeling today
yielding the night as endlessly as before
without even trying to knock on my door

are you finally aware of me
behind these incessant façade of queries
are you finally gonna stay here
or are you gonna runaway
like everyone …
and their misconception of fairy tales
that ends happily ever after
that starts perfectly forever and ever

are you just gonna fit in there
behind the shadow of the night
beneath the stars of the coming twilight
dreaming of her instead of me tonight

are you just gonna let this be
another escaping melody
another time to say a swift good bye
another moment to take away the realms of the sky
without ever standing beside me in your arms tonight

are you?
will you?


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12th February, 2007. 7:37 am. interlude IX(mickeylimon)


wondering ... wondering
if you are
as sincere as cheating
as gallant as whining
as kind as lying
as valiant as hiding

wondering ... wondering
if love is
as furious as hatred
as scarlet as death
as fervent as bluntness
as plain as everyday



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6th February, 2007. 10:14 am. a new sense(mickeylimon)


a new sense of feeling
a new sense of missing
from impulse to this fleeting feeling
of excitement
of estrangement
to you finally
to you eventually


a new sense of relief
a new sense of flight
from careless air
to blissful winds
shared together from freshness
to slumber
dreaming of you and i


a new sense of feeling
a new sense of being
i had with you
so suddenly
so impulsively
from you
from you all along
now i’m never gonna be on my own



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2nd February, 2007. 1:19 pm. i said goodbye(mickeylimon)


moving forth
secretly hurting
deep inside
youve let me down
"have the ships been long gone?"

no looking back
just breathing ahead
have you let my hands go?
i cant feel your heart anymore

i am lost
this world is too big without you
ill drown
my heart will succumb
stay for a while
i cant say goodbye

facing ahead
tears against the wind
tomorrows too blinding
all things sinking
away from me
can you stay for a while
until i can say goodbye?


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26th January, 2007. 11:19 am. you(mickeylimon)


in my stomach
endlessly fluttering
i dont know i can feel such thing
with you and your constant invitation
to cascade towards earthly communion

bursting in the scene
im not aware of this foreign feeling
bouncing off every walls imaginable
i never knew life could be this conceivable

singing while im sleeping
laughing while im screaming
dancing while im spinning
i cant escape it
need to be in this constant state

narcotically impossible to achieve
this mindset so high i cant hardly believe
if this is true
if this is you


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